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2002 Olympic Winter Games
For the first time in Olympic history, the Salt Lake 2002 Olympic Winter Games were granted permission by the IOC to announce the "Bronze, Silver and Gold" medalists within minutes of the competitions ending. Risa Feldman, led a dept of 60 people to make this happen. In over 65 Olympic competitions, these ceremonies took place directly on the field of play. Official presenters ranging from Prince Albert to Mitt Romney approached the podium to the Olympic theme, handing a bouquet of flowers to each athlete. All ceremonies were broadcast live around the world, via International Sports Broadcast.

2010 Olympic Winter Games

Risa Feldman was retained by the Vancouver Olympic Committee Sports Production Department to secure and interview over 100 celebrities, musicians and athletes. They were asked to recall their most memorable moment in past Olympic Games, wish the current Olympians good luck and they ended by thanking the attendees for their support. These interviews were played on enormous screens in all Olympic venues throughout the games.
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